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TheSMESpace ( We have a cloud storage offering launched 3 months ago that already has 10,000 subscribers, called SMEStorage (

We base our service on top of Amazon S3. We believe Cloud Storage to be a commodity and as such not something you would expect to make money out of. We believe that the key for customers is how you access you data, what you can do with it, and how it integrates. To that end we have concentrated on these value points.

We offer a rich Ajax client from a web front end viewpoint, an iPhone web application, a mobile application, iGoogle integration, ingtegration with Facebook and also a firefox plug-in. We also be releasing a Java sychronisation client, a MySpace Widget and also an MSOffice plug-in before the end of the year. We also hope to release our native Apple Iphone app store client within the next two or three weeks depending on how long Apple takes to approve the backlog of vendors they have to process.

On the Integration front, we integrate with Yahoo Media Player for inline MP3 player, integrate with Zoho for inline editing of office documents, integrate with Flickr for Photo uploads, integrate with Picnik for image editing, and we also allow inline viewing of photos.

We also have some nice business collaboration features such as business groups, email file sharing with expiry, document versioning and pretty soon we will be announcing Efax integration so you can fax directly from you SMEStorage client be that a phone or the browser.

Within two weeks we have one exciting announcement and that is that we will open our whole platform to **any** Amazon S3 user. So anyone with an S3 account will be able to take advantage of all the things we layer on top of S3 (which by the way includes a very sophisticated Rest API).

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